If you import goods into the EU which are destined for a third country or if there country of destination is still uncertain, you can put them into interim storage duty unpaid. This saves you the customs procedures for imports and the duty drawback procedure for the re-exports.

A customs warehouse saves import duties, import-VAT, duties on returns and the accounting expenses involved. You preserve full flexibility until the final country of destination has been settled. Thereafter, the goods are placed under the corresponding customs procedure.

We advise you on all questions regarding the customs warehouse, recommend the suitable procedure, analyze your merchandise management system, establish corresponding interfaces and train your staff. We also take care of the setting-up and completion of a customs warehouse for you, either completely or we work order-related, just as needed.

In order to perfectly deal with customs procedures special expertise is required. Consequently, similar to tax procedures, a lot of money, time and work can be saved. Building up your own department is time intensive and bears risks in terms of personnel.

In addition, outsourcing is trouble-free. Any data is electronically transferred and is available to all parties involved at any time. Even semi-outsourcing is possible, if, for example, peak times shall be cushioned.