Customs clearance is our daily business. For more than 20 years we have not been doing anything else. We know the wide variety of branches, know who to contact at the authorities, have experienced the conversion to electronical procedures from the very beginning and by developing our own software we also actively participated. Take advantage of our experience! Sometimes, it only needs a comprehensive consultation to solve the customer‘s customs clearance difficulty.

We deal with all the aspects of a classical customs agency. We define the ideal customs procedures, know who to contact at the customs authorities and can process your import and export in detail. Or, we only assume parts of the procedure according to your specific requirements.

The electronical procedures have removed the customs documents at almost 100%. They save time and effort, entirely running automatically once they are integrated into your EDP-system at a suitable position.

We analyze your merchandise management system, establish the suitable interfaces to the customs authorities and train your staff accordingly.

No cash, no waiting for bank transfer confirmations: An own account saves time and money on imports. The most favorable way is to set up your own account. We will help you with this and guide you through the application process.